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Nordic co-operation

Child and youth issues are highly prioritised within the context of Nordic Council of Ministers’ co-operation. The goal of the co-operation is to encourage children and young people’s influence and to create opportunities for good living conditions.
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ supervisory body on child and youth issues is the Nordic Children’s and Youth Committee (NORDBUK). NORDBUK’s areas of co-operation cover all the sectors under the Nordic Council of Ministers.
On these pages you will be able to find information regarding NORDBUK and other co-operation on child and youth issues under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Further information about the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council is available on their homepage.

Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK)
NORDBUK is the Council of Ministers’ Advisory and Co-ordinating body for matters relating to children and young people. 

The task of Nordic school co-operation is to develop the Nordic school network with the aim of promoting collaboration between Nordic schools, strengthening mobility and the educational dimension of the support programme Nordplus Junior and to make school co-operation more visible. The homepage is available in the Scandinavian languages and English.

Nordic Association of School Librarians
The Nordic Association of School Librarians works to promote co-operation between school libraries in the Nordic countries. The Association initiates and co-ordinates various events, conferences and projects within the field of school libraries. The website offers information about the Association’s activities and links to national associations of school librarians. In Danish.


Nordic cultural centres

Nordic Child Cultural Research Network BIN-Norden
BIN-Norden (Nordic Child Cultural Research Network) is a Nordic interdisciplinary research network. The network focuses on humanistic and aesthetical approach to children’s culture. The participants in the network come from the most important Nordic research institutions in the field. BIN-Norden offers support to Nordic child cultural research. In Danish.

Filmkontakt Nord
Filmkontakt Nord (FkN) is engaged in the promotion of Nordic short films and documentaries internationally. The institution has four main goals: dissemination of information, marketing, network building, acquiring and sharing know-how. In English.

Nordic Language Coordination
Nordic Language Coordination (Nordisk Sprogkoordination, NOSK) was established within the framework of the new structure of the Nordic language co-operation introduced in 2009. Its staff consists of a director, a full-time project secretary and a part-time secretary representing the Nordic Language Council. Nordic Language Coordination is located in the premises of the Danish Language Council (Dansk Sprognævn, DSN). In Danish.

Nordic Language Campaign
The Nordic Language Campaign (Den nordiske sprogkampagne) is aimed at improving the skills of Nordic children and young people in understanding and communicating with each other in one of the three Nordic languages: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. In Danish.

NORDBAS is a database that contains abstracts and summaries of research on language development for immigrant adults and children. NORDBAS was created by a committee under NSS (Nordic School Co-operation) and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The database will be of interest to politicians, decision makers, education officials and teachers, as well as an interested public. In Swedish, Finnish and English.

The Nordic Culture Fund
The Nordic Culture Fund aims to further cultural cooperation between the Nordic countries, as well as the autonomous areas.
The projects that are granted and have been granted support reflect the entire cultural life, and includes everything from visual art, theatre, music, and dance, to literature and new media. Education, research, and transsectorial projects are also included under what may also be eligible for support from the Fund can support, but these though such projects must have a clear connection with to art and culture.

Norden i Fokus
Norden i Fokus (Norden in Focus) is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ communication programme whose main task is to stimulate interest in and knowledge of the Nordic countries and the official Nordic co-operation. The ambition is to add a Nordic touch to national debates.
Norden i Fokus organises seminars on topical issues with regard to politics, economic life and culture aimed primarily at public servants, politicians, journalists and professional and industrial bodies.

Norden i Fokus, Helsinki, Nifin


Norden i Fokus, Copenhagen

Norden i Fokus, Oslo

Norden i Fokus, Reykjavik, Nordic House

Norden i Fokus, Stockholm

NORDICOM is a Nordic knowledge centre for the area of media and communication research. Its work aims at developing media studies and at helping to ensure that research results are made visible in the treatment of media issues at different levels in both the public and private sector. NORDICOM's activities are based on broad and extensive network of contacts and collaboration with members of the research community, media companies, politicians, regulators, teachers, librarians etc. NORDICOM is an institution that operates under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. In Swedish and English.

Nordic Sámi Institute (NSI)
The Nordic Sámi Institute (NSI) is an independent Nordic institution sited in Kautokeino, Norway. The Institute is affiliated with Sámi allaskuvla (The Sámi University College), and its mission is through research to strengthen and develop Sámi language, culture and social life seen in a pan-Sámi perspective. Funding is provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture (Sweden) and the Ministry of Education (Finland).

Nordic film institutes

Nordic Amateur Theatre Association NAR
Nordic Amateur Theatre Association NAR is a body for cooperation between the amateur theatre organisations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, The Faeroes, Greenland and Åland. In Swedish and English.

Nordjobb has the ambition to enhance the knowledge of the languages and culture in the Nordic countries.
• offers summer jobs in another Nordic country or autonomous regions
• arranges accommodation
• offers attractive and exciting leisure-time activities In Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Finnish.



NORDUnet is an international collaboration between the Nordic national networks for research and education. NORDUnet interconnects these networks and connects them to the worldwide network for research and education and to the general purpose Internet. NORDUnet is the result of the NORDUNET programme financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In English.