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'Realisations' – a travelling exhibition by Kunngi in the North Atlantic House

The all-round artist Frederik 'Kunngi' Kristensen has come under the spotlight with the travelling exhibition entitled 'Realisations' ('Realiseringer'). On Friday, the 1st of April, he opened his exhibition in the North Atlantic House (Nordatlantens Brygge) in Copenhagen, assisted by the Greenlandic choir Aavaat, that performed one of the songs composed by the artist himself.

'Realisations' – a travelling exhibition by Kunngi in the North Atlantic House


When Frederik was 7 years old, his index finger was seriously injured. Therefore his parents decided that he should choose a non-physically demanding profession. That was how his artistic career  started; and some years later the young Kunngi got the opportunity to gain lots of inspiration when he watched his uncle Uusaqqak paint Uummannaq Mountain. In the 1970-ies he studied in the Graphic Workshop in Nuuk, the head of which he later became. Since then, Kunngi has produced an impressive number of graphic works, supplemented with poems, collections of poems, paintings and CDs.

Kunngi got his name and nickname, which in Danish means 'king', in the summer of 1952, when the old king Frederik IX, while on an official visit to Uummannaq, held the baby in his arms. Today Kunngi suffers from Parkinson's disease, which has not prevented him from continuing with his artistic activities that have resulted in both individual and group exhibitions all over Greenland and in Denmark. He has produced decorations, post stamps, illustrations for books and logotypes for companies.

Kunngi's works represent a wide range of forms of art from naturalistic pictures to abstract and non-figurative compositions, in which the rectangle often plays a central role.
'The limitations of the rectangle have fascinated me ever since I was young. It is just so difficult to change it,' says Kunngi about this geometrical form.

The exhibition can be enjoyed in the North Atlantic House from the 2nd of April till the 5th of June. Subsequently, 'Realisations' will be on display in the Greenlandic Houses in Denmark. This travelling exhibition is being organised in co-operation with NAPA – the Nordic Institute in Greenland, and supported by Royal Arctic Line.

Read more about Kunngi on NAPA's homepage.

Written by Katja Nyborg
Translated by Giedre Jankunaite

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