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'Pikslar' exhibits digital culture at Oslo Underground

'Pikslar' at Oslo Central Station is an exhibition that presents digital culture created by computer communities that have existed within the framework of computer parties. 'Pikslar' has been produced by voluntary Norwegian computer youth. The exhibition is going to be updated with new works of art every second week – on and in Kunstpassasjen at Jernbanetorget in Oslo.

Twenty years of digital culture

Different computer tools, games, magazines and posters from  1991 to 2011 are on display in showcases in the busy passage in the very heart of the Norwegian capital. Time-lines above the showcases present the development in the digital field in the context of other important historical events during this period. 

A Commodore 64, an Amiga and 'internet floppy discs' are just some of the displayed items from the early 1990s, as well as a brochure from the computer party known as 'The Gathering' in 1993 - the time when girls could enjoy free entrance.

Read the article on the website of the Norwegian Children and Youth Council (Landsrådet for Norges barne- og ungdomsorganisasjoner)
Visit the homepage of the exhibition.

Edited by Kirsten Verling
Translated by Giedre Jankunaite

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