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Norwegian anniversary expedition to the South Pole to commemorate the Nansen-Amundsen Year 2011

Young people constitute an important target group in the context of the Nansen-Amundsen Year 2011 in Norway. On the 19th of October 2011, one hundred years to the day since Roald Amundsen set out to the South Pole, Vegard Ulvang, Stein P. Aasheim, Jan-Gunnar Winther and Harald Dag Jølle will do the same.

The anniversary expedition is going to use various channels before, during and after the trip to reach as many people as possible. By means of TV, Internet and a book, the participants are going to share their knowledge and experience from the polar regions. TV2 will produce a documentary about the expedition when it is over, and during the expedition they are going to follow the participants with the help of a satellite telephone throughout the 57 days of the skiing tour. The four men are also going to communicate with the audience on a daily basis via the Internet. After the trip, the adventurer Stein P. Aasheim will author a book about their experience.

The skiing tour is one of the numerous projects dedicated to the Nansen-Amundsen Year 2011.

National celebration

This is a national commemoration, celebrating the fact that in 2011 it is both 100 years since Amundsen became the first man on the South Pole and 150 years since Fridtjof Nansen was born. The expedition is organised by the Norwegian Polar Institute and sponsored by Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge and Troms kraft. These two enterprises wish to support the Norwegian Polar Institute's goal in raising awareness about their research and knowledge about the polar regions.

Article about the expedition to the South Pole on the homepage of the Norwegian Polar Institute.

South Pole 1911-2011

2011 – the Nansen – Amundsen Year

Edited by Kirsten Verling
Translated by Giedre Jankunaite

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