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International youth choir festival in Stockholm

“Let the future sing” is the name of Adolf Fredrik's international choir festival which will take place in June 2009 in Stockholm. Ten of the world's most famous children and youth choirs from Russia, Indonesia, Argentina, China, South Africa, USA, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been invited to this festival. Five hundred visiting choir singers will be performing together with 1.100 pupils from Adolf Fredrik's Music Classes.

- Music is a universal language, says the co-ordinator of the project Helen Larsson. By means of the festival we can span the bridge between cultures and people.

It is not only the inhabitants of Stockholm who will be able to enjoy the extensive programme of the festival. In co-operation with Concerts Sweden, the choirs will also tour all over the country, and the whole event will be concluded with a big anniversary celebration for all the performers in Adolf Fredrik's School.

More space for music

The idea to hold an international choir festival as a celebration of Adolf Fredrik's School's 70 years' anniversary belongs to the music educator and choir conductor Bosse Johansson. For a long time, he has nurtured a dream of creating more space for music and gifted pupils in schools. He is also trying to prove to the world of music that children and young people are able to sing on the highest artistic level.

Learning more about other cultures

Let the future sing is to become something bigger than just a musical event. For the participating pupils it offers an excellent chance to learn more about other cultures and the teachers will have almost unlimited opportunities to integrate the experience of this cultural exchange into the teaching process. Every visiting choir will have four hosting classes, all of whom are going to take care of the guests and who will have an opportunity to have contacts with the kids in advance as well.

- The event is not only an issue of music. The pupils will also have a chance to read about a certain country and a certain culture, which is going to be useful to all of them, says Helen Larsson.

Edited by Katarina Dorbell katarina@barnensbibliotek.se

Let the future sing!