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Focus on children's theatre in Denmark

In a new report, PhD scholarship holder Kirsten Dahl analyses Danish children's theatre as a cultural and artistic phenomenon.

Danish children's theatre constitutes a central part in the overall picture of the situation of theatre in Denmark. Every year, approximately 130 children's theatres and theatre companies offer performances that represent a very high professional level to children and young people in schools and libraries. Moreover, every year some 500 – 600 Danish theatre pieces for children are performed abroad.

The report has the title 'Spot på Danmarks skjulte teaterskat' ('Focus on the hidden treasures of theatre in Denmark'), and its publication has received support from the Danish Arts Council. It presents a picture of the dynamics and the pending challenges within the field of theatre.

Edited by Signe Thomsen

The report 'Spot på Danmarks skjulte teaterskat' in Danish

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