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'Bookstart' and 'Homework Online' programmes to be continued

The subsidy programme guarantees financing to language stimulation projects for families with small children and digital homework coaching for young people in exposed residential areas respectively.

The Danish Minister of Culture Uffe Elbæk says:
'Bookstart and Homework Online are two unique examples of how libraries succeed in coming into contact with people and in providing them with completely new experience and ways of learning. Stimulating small children's linguistic development and young people's desire to study are important tasks that our society is faced with, and in this respect libraries are working in a proactive and investigative way.´ 

It is very important that the government can continue this initiative and provide a bigger number of families with small children on one hand and school pupils on the other hand with these opportunities.' 
Read the whole press release on the homepage of the Ministry of Culture


Since 2009 librarians from children's libraries have been visiting families with small children in socially exposed residential areas in 15 Danish municipalities and delivering book donations to them. The goal of the programme is to stimulate children's linguistic adaptation and facilitate impressive meetings between them and literature. 
The new subsidy scheme will allow the Bookstart ('Bogstart') programme to be continued for a four-year period. 

Homework Online

The project Homework Online ('Lektier Online') started in 2009 and has developed and established an online homework coaching programme aimed at 6th - 10th year school pupils. In this way students can get assistance with their homework  without leaving home, at the same time the homework coach and the student meet anonymously, without any prejudice being involved. 
Owing to the new subsidy scheme, the Homework Online programme will be continued for another three-year period. 
Read more about Homework Online on the homepage of the State and University Library

Edited by Mette Holm
Translated by Giedre Jankunaite

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