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Computer games are a rapidly developing cultural phenomenon. The Nordic Council of Ministers was the initiator of the Nordic Game Programme, the mission of which is to assure access to quality material with a distinct Nordic element in computer games for children and young people. Initial measures are focused on the general benefice, such as joint sales and export efforts, digital distribution, consumer and producer information as well as expert assistance. Direct development support will be initiated for specific Nordic projects demonstrating high creativity, quality and commercial potential. The Programme was launched in 2006. It is divided into two three-year phases with progress reviews scheduled between the phases. The programme will be terminated in 2011-2012.

Nordic touch
The most important criteria that determine whether a computer game can be considered to be Nordic are:
• the game is released in at least one of the Nordic languages,
• the game is released in one of the Nordic countries,
• the game is produced by a company under Nordic control,
• the game is based on new or older Nordic intellectual property rights to computer games, films, literary works etc.

Protection of children and young people
In the programme, special consideration is taken to the protection of minors from harmful media content. An important goal of the programme is to offer support to children, young people and their parents, and to provide them with an adequate supply of quality material through controlled channels.


The European Parliament´s information about video games and recommandations

Pan-European Game Information PEGI

The Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) age rating system was established to help European parents make informed decisions on buying computer games.

Insafe er et nettverk av nasjonale aktører som koordinerer internett sikkerhet i Europa. Nettverket er skapt og finansiert innen Europa Kommisjonens Sikrere Internet Programmet.

Nordic Game Program Plan 2006-2012

Funded Games
The games which have received development support through the Nordic Game Program.


The Adventurous Life of Hans Christian Andersen

The Adventurous Life of Hans Christian Andersen has been developed by the Danish company Guppyworks with developer support from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Game Programme.


Global Conflicts: Latin America

Latin America  Palestine

Kidsandmedia dk
Kidsandmedia dk gives parents advice and knowledge about children and media, also about computer games, in Denmark. In Danish.

Pelitieto (Game info)
The Pelitieto site helps teachers and other interested to get to know more about digital game cultures and to lead to deeper understanding of the game world. (in Finnish) is a website for parents where they can evaluate Internet, computer, video and console games. They can inform others about the contents of the games and support each other in educational matters: what one should know when choosing a game and what attitude one should assume towards ethically questionable games. In Finnish.

KonsoliFIN perheet
KonsoliFIN perheet (KonsoliFIN families) is a new Finnish website for those who are interested in video games. The ambition is to support video gaming as an entertaining hobby that takes into account child development. The site contains news, articles and reviews of video games as a hobby. In Finnish.





BarneVakten (ChildMinder) gives parents advice and knowledge about children and media, also about computer games, in Norway. In Norwegian.






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